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This Web site was created by Sondra and Milton Schlesinger (Department of Molecular Microbiology, Washington University School of Medicine, St. Louis, MO) who are responsible for its content. Bob Engeszer (Bernard Becker Medical Library, Washington University) designed the Web pages and has provided invaluable help. The site is supported by a grant from the Sloan Foundation to the American Society of Virology and is part of the Sloan Foundation Program on the Recent History of Science and Engineering on the Web. The following statement taken from the Sloan Foundation Web site explains that "The goal of this program is to use the World Wide Web to develop and diffuse a wholly new way of creating an historical record of recent major technical and scientific events. Initial grants have supported the creation of over 30 web sites by ten professional societies, six universities, and a museum, on a wide variety of topics ranging from the development of the artificial heart to the planning, construction, and early operation of the Trans-Alaska pipeline. The goal is to create interactive sites attracting contributions by participants in the actual scientific or technical development to which the site is devoted.

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